Game Rules and Regulations


1. Games will consist of two 10-minute running time halves. The last minute of the second half will be stopped time.

2. There are no timeouts.

3. Regular FIBA rules will apply.


  1. The scorer’s table will record the number of team fouls, but not personal fouls.

  2. There are no free throws awarded for shooting fouls unless it is in the last minute of play. The foul will simply be added to the team total and the offensive team will retain possession.

  3. In the case of a three-point play opportunity, the basket will count, the foul will be added to the team total, and the defensive team will gain possession.

  4. Team foul counts reset at halftime.

  5. Points can be awarded to the opposing team based on the number of team fouls:

  • If a team has 0-2 team fouls, the opposing team is not awarded any additional points.

  • Once a team reaches 3 team fouls, one point is awarded to the opposing team for the third foul and every foul thereafter.

  • A point awarded based on foul count does not result in a change of possession unless it is within a three-point play (see above)

  • Intentional fouls in the last minute

If the game is close (< 5 point difference) an intentional foul will result in:

  1. Stoppage of the clock

  2. 1 point added to the offense's score

  3. 1 free throw (no lineup)

  4. Defensive ball

Additional Rules

  1. 1. Technical fouls will result in game suspensions:

    1. 1 technical foul – 1 game suspension

    2. 2 technical fouls – 3 game suspension

    3. 3 technical fouls – Removed from the league (no refund)

  2. Full court press:

    1. U11 - No full court press allowed

    2. U13 - A team with a lead of 6 points is no longer allowed to press

    3. U15 - A team with a lead of 10 points is no longer allowed to press

  3. Zone defense is not permitted.

  4. In order to be eligible to play, each player must appear on the 6-man roster and sign-in prior to tip-off.