Dave "Dutch" Holland 3 on 3

League Focus

In the Dutch 3-on-3 League, we strive to give young athletes the opportunity to grow as basketball players in a non-traditional setting. We provide a structured, low-pressure environment where players can experience and learn the game in a new and FUN way! With music, weekly prizes, and lots of game experience, the Dutch League is all about a positive player experience!

Benefits of 3-on-3

3-on-3 is an excellent way for young players to develop their skills on both ends of the floor. With more space to operate, players touch the ball more often and see a greater number of 1-on-1 situations. With no sets or systems, players learn to read their opponents and react accordingly.

Jordan Baker
Head Organizer of the Dutch 3 on 3 Basketball League

I love 3 on 3 not only because it’s a fun and competitive way to spice up the game of basketball, but also because it gives me increased opportunities to work on my game. 

Dutch was a big part of my high school basketball experience, and it seems only fitting that we honour him in a way that showcases the excitement and camaraderie of this great game.“